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Cleansing instrument waterproof face wash meter

Cleansing instrument waterproof face wash meter

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The package contains:

a fuselage

a monochrome brush head

a sponge

a delicate box

  a base

Suitable for crowd characteristics:

[Applicable age] 18 years old or older

[Applicable skin type] Suitable for all skin types
[Applicable objects] Urban youth, fashion, white-collar workers, business people, beauty lovers


1. Exfoliate, clean pores, reduce pores, reduce oily skin oil, remove dead skin, eliminate acne
2. Smooth skin, lighten fine lines and wrinkles, make skin more youthful
3. Promote the absorption of skin care products
4. The effect is very mild and can be used twice a day.
5. Full body wash, can be used in the bathroom
6. The brush is extremely gentle, the surface of the brush is non-porous, it is not easy to adhere to bacteria, easy to clean, and the brush head can be replaced once every three months.


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