DIY Rubik's Cube Tulip Small Night Lamp: Craft Your Own Tulip Cube Lamp

DIY Rubik's Cube Tulip Small Night Lamp: Craft Your Own Tulip Cube Lamp

The DIY Rubik's Cube Tulip Small Night Lamp is a delightful and innovative project that combines the nostalgic charm of a Rubik's Cube with the elegance of a tulip-shaped night lamp. This article will guide you through the process of creating your own tulip cube lamp, a unique piece that serves as both a decorative item and a functional light source. Whether you refer to it as a tulip lamp cube or cube tulip lamp, this project will be a fun and rewarding experience for DIY enthusiasts.

Materials Needed

Before you start creating your DIY tulip cube lamp, gather the following materials:

  1. Rubik's Cube: A standard 3x3 Rubik's Cube. Ensure it's in good condition and can rotate smoothly.
  2. LED Light Strip: A flexible LED strip light with a USB connection for power.
  3. Tulip Flower Template: A printable template of a tulip flower. You can find templates online or draw your own.
  4. Colored Acrylic Sheets: Sheets in various colors to mimic the classic Rubik's Cube colors.
  5. Hot Glue Gun: For attaching components securely.
  6. Craft Knife: For cutting the acrylic sheets and the Rubik's Cube.
  7. Sandpaper: For smoothing edges.
  8. Paint: Optional, if you want to customize the Rubik's Cube's appearance.
  9. Scissors: For cutting the tulip flower template.
  10. Wire and Soldering Kit: For connecting the LED lights.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Prepare the Rubik's Cube
  1. Disassemble the Cube: Carefully disassemble the Rubik's Cube. You need to remove the stickers and separate the cube into its individual parts. This might require a bit of force, so be cautious not to damage the cube.
  2. Cut Openings for Light: Using a craft knife, cut small openings on the sides of the cube where you want the light to shine through. Smooth the edges with sandpaper to avoid any rough edges.
  3. Paint the Cube (Optional): If you want a different color scheme for your tulip cube lamp, now is the time to paint the cube. Use spray paint for an even coat and let it dry completely.
Step 2: Create the Tulip Flower
  1. Print and Cut the Template: Print out the tulip flower template and cut out the shapes carefully. You should have several petal shapes and a stem shape.
  2. Trace and Cut Acrylic Sheets: Place the tulip flower template on the colored acrylic sheets. Trace the shapes and cut them out using a craft knife. Smooth the edges with sandpaper.
  3. Assemble the Tulip Flower: Use a hot glue gun to assemble the petals and stem into a tulip flower shape. Ensure the petals are evenly spaced and securely attached.
Step 3: Install the LED Lights
  1. Position the LED Strip: Measure the LED strip to fit inside the Rubik's Cube. Cut the strip if necessary, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Attach the LED Strip: Use hot glue to attach the LED strip inside the cube, ensuring the lights face the openings you cut earlier.
  3. Connect the Wires: Solder the wires to the LED strip and connect them to the USB power source. Test the lights to make sure they work properly.
Step 4: Combine the Cube and Tulip Flower
  1. Attach the Tulip Flower: Position the tulip flower on top of the Rubik's Cube. Use hot glue to attach the flower securely to the cube. Make sure the flower is centered and stable.
  2. Secure All Connections: Double-check all connections and ensure the LED strip is firmly in place. Tidy up any loose wires and secure them inside the cube.
Step 5: Final Touches
  1. Test the Lamp: Plug in the USB power source and test your DIY tulip cube lamp. Adjust the positioning of the LED strip if necessary to ensure the light shines through the openings effectively.
  2. Decorate the Base: If desired, add decorative elements to the base of the lamp. You can use small pebbles, artificial grass, or even paint the base to match the theme of your room.

Tips for Success

  • Precision Cutting: Take your time with cutting the acrylic sheets and the Rubik's Cube. Precise cuts will result in a cleaner and more professional-looking lamp.
  • Secure Connections: Ensure all connections, especially the LED strip and the USB power source, are secure. Loose connections can cause the lights to flicker or not work at all.
  • Creative Customization: Feel free to customize the color scheme and design of your tulip lamp cube. You can paint the Rubik's Cube in different colors or use patterned acrylic sheets for a unique look.
  • Safety First: When using tools like the craft knife and soldering kit, always prioritize safety. Use protective gear and work in a well-ventilated area.

Benefits of a DIY Tulip Cube Lamp

  1. Personalized Decor: Creating your own tulip lamp cube allows you to personalize your decor. You can choose colors and designs that match your room's theme, making it a unique addition to your space.
  2. Eco-Friendly: By repurposing an old Rubik's Cube and using energy-efficient LED lights, you're making an eco-friendly choice. This project promotes recycling and reduces waste.
  3. Fun and Engaging: Engaging in DIY projects like this cube tulip lamp is a fun and rewarding activity. It can be a great way to spend your free time and develop your crafting skills.
  4. Functional Lighting: The DIY tulip cube lamp serves as both a decorative item and a functional light source. It provides a soft, ambient light that's perfect for a night lamp or accent lighting.
  5. Unique Gift Idea: A handmade tulip lamp cube makes a thoughtful and unique gift for friends and family. It's a special item that showcases your creativity and effort.

Creative Variations

  1. Color-Changing LED: Use a color-changing LED strip for a dynamic and vibrant lamp. You can control the colors with a remote, adding an extra element of fun to your tulip cube lamp.
  2. Different Flower Shapes: Experiment with different flower shapes and designs. Instead of a tulip, you can create a rose, daisy, or any other flower that you prefer.
  3. Themed Lamps: Customize the lamp to fit different themes. For example, you can create a Halloween-themed lamp with orange and black colors, or a Christmas-themed lamp with red and green colors.
  4. Additional Features: Add additional features like a dimmer switch or a motion sensor to make your tulip cube lamp more functional and versatile.


Creating a DIY Rubik's Cube Tulip Small Night Lamp is a rewarding and creative project that combines the best of both worlds: the timeless appeal of a Rubik's Cube and the elegance of a tulip flower. Whether you refer to it as a tulip cube lamp, tulip lamp cube, or cube tulip lamp, this unique piece will add charm and functionality to any room.

By following the step-by-step instructions and tips provided in this article, you can craft your own tulip cube lamp with ease. Enjoy the process of transforming ordinary materials into an extraordinary piece of decor, and let your creativity shine with this innovative DIY project.

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